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About me

Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur, Expat 

Hi, I'm Laurie, a 28 years young French woman and entrepreneur, living in the Netherlands.

Energised by inspiring projects, I do not limit my career to borders.

I guess the trendy word to define this is "Digital Nomad"

Throughout my career, I’ve had the great fortune to work on various engaged missions, while meeting many influential and creative individuals. I believe there is nothing greater than working together to bring driven projects to life. In order to achieve this, I plan on never stop learning.

After a Master Degree in Marketing and Management, I took on certifications in UX and UI which I plan on extending through the years. Books are also a gold mine I love to dive into so I can complete theory with real life case studies. 

Truth is, I never knew I was a creative person until I found a voice in the art of Digital Marketing and Brand Management. Seeing how powerful a brand message could be if well spoken through marketing, I felt incredibly inspired and animated by the story and purpose behind each project or company.

The passion of people working hard in order to achieve their dreams made me realise it was time for me to help them with my competencies. This shortly became more than a project, I see it as a mission. 

My purpose is to bring value and help people maximising the potential of their projects or dreams through my experience and creativity in digital marketing. 

Let the next company marketing transformation be yours! 

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