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Creative Digital Marketing

Transform your business into a unique & engaging digital brand.


Website Design

User centric, responsive and personalized website to suit your business needs.

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Brand Identity

Definition of a unique & memorable brand identity. 

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Social Management 

Content creation aligned with your branding and engaging with your community.

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Graphic Design

Creation of visuals and marketing material aligned to strengthen your brand image. 

Are you doubting which service you need to reach your business objectives? 

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Alexander Vermolen

I have met Laurie through business occasions and have been part of her journey into the world of professionals in Marketing. I can truly say that it has been a bless to meet such a strong focused young woman who sees the Next Generation when it comes to Marketing and thinking outside of the box. Laurie is a person who you can strongly relay on when a project need to be finished within a time frame but also needs to be of high quality. I can strongly recommend Laurie to any company. I am available for a call if needed.


Aimée-Isabelle Roerink 

Laurie is a goal-oriented and proactive digital marketeer, who I had the pleasure of having on my team for 2 years. She managed 5 brands and determined the digital marketing strategy for the country. Laurie also participated in several global digital projects, where she made sure to apply best practices whilst keeping the importance of localisation in mind. Laurie takes responsibility for her projects, and always goes the extra mile to make sure that the company’s goals are achieved. Thanks to her creative thinking we were able to run ingenious campaigns which yielded great results. Laurie is a pleasure to have on any team, and I look forward to working together again in the future. 

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